Track of the Day: Jack Hinks – Plastercast

A refreshing breath of fresh air in the UK music scene, Jack Hinks delivers insightful lyricism atop evocative melodies to the masses. Featured in Right Chord Music, FV Music Blog and several online radio stations, Hinks is an international sensation. Showcasing his innovativeness, the Edinburgh-based artist easily traverses genres from song to song. Now we have the pleasure to review his single ‘Plastercast’.

Moving on from the blues-inspired ‘Jigsaw’, Hinks showcases his heavier rock side in ‘Plastercast’. Combining pounding drums and powerful guitars, the track hits you right between the ribs with its evocative nature. While the instrumentation is dynamic in itself, it is the incorporation of vocals that make it truly intoxicating.

Keeping with his task to write a sonic representation of Kübler-Ross’s stages of grief, ‘Plastercast’ explores anger. Using his distinctive throaty vocals, Hinks effortlessly articulates abandonment and frustration. While the raw male vocals do portray inner-turmoil, it is the female vocals of Fiona Liddell that enhance feelings of desperation. Elegantly complimenting each other, the singers form a heart-melting harmonic alignment touching every inch of your soul.

Reminiscent of Stone Sour, Three Days Grace and Hinder, ‘Plastercast’ melds elements of melodic metal with alternative rock. Oddly enough, while the melody is filled with powerful crescendos and insatiable guitar riffs, the intimate lyricism brings a quiet intensity to the track. It is this quiet intensity that sends shivers down your spine.

For more from Jack Hinks check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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