Chris McConville – The Arrow of Time (2020)

Chris McConville captured the feeling of self-isolation in his EP Isolation Improv. Now, he is drawing on ‘Wonders of the Universe’, the TV show by renowned physicist Brian Cox for ‘The Arrow of Time’. In his first piano-led single, McConville fills you with wonder overlaid with some electronic sounds.

Continuing to meld electronic and dance music with rock, McConville will have you flying in his soundscape. The single includes a splash of downtempo with a dash of psychedelia for a true sonic experience that you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

‘The Arrow of Time’ wastes no time throwing you into the soundscape. The piano line melds with electronic tones to form a swirling ambient melody. The deep beats have a lightness to them while propelling you forward. The higher notes of the melody and the piano take you soaring into the air and flying across the universe. There are some almost futuristic electronic tones that come in later that add to the wonder of the vocals and lyrics. There is an interesting pace to the melody that both drives you forward and lets you gently soar through the musical air.

McConville’s vocals add to the soaring vibe of the melody. His performance forms a solid footing for you to take off into the air. There is also a sense of wonder in each word as you are drawn into the swirling timelessness of the single. The lyrics of the track have you thinking about the universe and the beauty that rests in every aspect of the world.

Chris McConville fills you with wonder and sends you soaring with the piano-driven ‘The Arrow of Time’. The swirling ambient soundscape has you flying into the air while McConville’s vocals fill you with a sense of wonder and awe.

Find out more about Chris McConville on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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