Jade Alice – Pink and Blue (2020)

Are you in need of an EP full of light and warm summer tunes? Pink and Blue by Jade Alice might just be what you are looking for to help you ease into the colder months. Packed with dreamy and nostalgia drenched tracks, the EP leaves you in a state of soft longing.

Written during lockdown, the EP has an old-style feel to it with a hint of modernity. The soft vocals and gentle melodies make you think of pastel colours and all things soft. Working with producer Lucian, Alice infuses love into each word and note.

The EP opens with ‘Angelboy’ which starts your journey back in time to the beach in the 60s. Alice’s vocals are a delicate layer over a light surf vibe melody. While there is a throwback to sounds past, there is a modern flow to the music with the introduction of dance elements. It is not only her vocals that create a delicate layer to the song as there are some angelic twinkling notes that come through.

‘Minty Kisses’ takes a different turn as you are throwing into a sea of nostalgia and longing. The 60s vibes continue with the song but move away from the surf vibe. There is a haziness to this track that makes you think of days spent inside longing for something. The flow of Alice’s vocals are catchy and you are drawn into the twirling soundscape with a wonderful effortlessness.

‘Love Me Please’ brings back the beach vibes and fills you with lightness from the first moment. While the melody has a very vintage feel, you are hit with those dance vibes again later in the song. This track is a perfect mixture of old and new with Alice’s vocals offering you both a longing nostalgia and modern grooves. There is a wistfulness in this song that floats around your head like wisps of smoke that are just out of reach.

The EP ends with ‘Wendy’ which has the most delicate vocals. Alice’s performance has a delicacy that makes you think it could break if you touch it. Threaded into this delicacy are a rose-tinted love and longing for someone who is physically gone but not emotionally. There is a floating feeling to the melody that you rest back into as her performance dances down the music. This is an easy song to listen to and you could play it again and again.

Jade Alice covers your glasses in a rose-tint and sends you twirling in a 60s soundscape with her EP Pink and Blue. Each track is infused with 60s vibes with some offering a beach feel and others inundating you with nostalgic longing.

Find out more about Jade Alice on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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