Chris Pidsley – Alex’s House (2021)

Having reviewed Chris Pidsley before, you would think we would be tired of his music – this is not altogether true. The more we listen, the more we love this talented artist. The UK-based singer-songwriter began making music and performing during his teens. Featured on BBC Introducing, Moths & Giraffes, The Sound Won’t Stop and several other publications, Pidsley is turning the heads of an international audience. The latest addition to his evolving discography is ‘Alex’s House’.

Moving from his distinct acoustic sound, ‘Alex’s House’ is an upbeat guitar-driven tune. Wanting to “go all in on a guitar lead indie-pop bop”, the single is filled with joviality, cheer and infectious sounds. Yet, while Pidsley executes the lighthearted lyricism with an engaging conversational style, the song has an intrinsic depth in its content.

Touching on his experience of living with a friend (Alex) while “moving from place to place”, ‘Alex’s House’ is extremely personal. Harmonic melodies flow through the track, but the tenderness behind the amusing lyrics is what really matters. On the surface, the lyricism has an innocent wistfulness; however, it is a little more substantive below. It is as if there is a shimmering silver thread between Alex and Pidsley glowing ever brighter as ‘Alex’s House’ progresses.

Built on good vibes with a killer guitar solo, Pidsley once again fills us with joy with the latest tune.

For more from Chris Pidsley check out his Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram and Spotify.

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