Chris Pidsley – Daisies (2021)

Approaching the topics of youthful innocence, whimsical naivety, angsty despair and nostalgic melancholy, UK-based Chris Pidsley is the sound of a generation. Following him for almost a year now, we are well acquainted with his work; however, he continues to surprise us with each original release. Featured on Old Man Blues, Nexus Music Blog, iHeart Radio, Kiwis Listen, This Sound Won’t Stop and BBC Introducing, Pidsley is building a loyal following on a global scale. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is Daisies.

The follow-up to his single ‘Nova’, Daisies is a genre-defying five-track EP showcasing Pidsley’s versatility and innovativeness. From his psychedelic ‘Tie Dye T-Shirt’ to the folk-inspired ‘Listen To Your Mum’ (read our review here), Pidsley’s music carries a brutal honesty in its warm melodies. Recorded in his home studio (also known as his bedroom) with his friend Ross, Daisies is a harmonic representation of innermost feelings we often chose to avoid. Peeking into the world of a young adult, the new EP is a form of sophisticated fragility.

Beginning with the track ‘Tie Dye T-Shirt’, Pidsley throws you into a psychedelic whirlpool of music featuring lazy synths, languid guitars and an overall hazy ambience. Yet, he does not leave you in this smooth pool picking you up in ‘Listen To Your Mum’ – one of his more relatable tracks to date. Bringing together simplistic instrumentation and tender lyricism, Pidsley illustrates how basic sounds can be highly impactful.

Reminiscent of The 1975, Cavetown and Rex Orange County, there is a heartwarming charm in his warm sound. Yes, not all of the tracks are soothing lyrically but this is the reputation of one who juxtaposes calm with chaos. Touching on elements of love lost, obsession, despair, self-doubt, inner turmoil and anxiety, ‘Daisies’ and ‘Rosie’ are provocative insights into the seemingly simple issues of relationships. The acoustic-inspired style really breaks things down to create a barebones vulnerability in the tracks.

While it is difficult to choose, I believe my favourite is the track ‘Skinny’. Touching on the touch-and-go topic of body positivity, ‘Skinny’ has an indie-pop freshness about it. Optimistic, inspirational and motivational, it is this track that sticks in my mind. As I said, Chris Pidsley work is the sonic representation of modern-day youth, so strap in for the ride through his introspective mind.

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