Creative Vibrations – Information Overload (2021)

With the rise of technology, the flow of information has increased as we are all constantly confronted with new streams of information. Through the tones of ‘Information Overload’, Creative Vibrations consider this influx of information in a really relatable manner. With a moral and message that we all need to hear woven into the slightly experimental tones of the single, they twist and turn through your senses from start to finish.

The search for control in a world of information overload comes through in the positive vibes that Creative Vibrations is becoming known for. With his psychedelic and folk-rock tones, he enriches the listening experience and introduces new perspectives. Taking a stance with his music, he points you in the direction of brighter times while opening your mind to more than you can imagine.

‘Information Overload’ uses a progressive opening that is like the awakening of the galaxy as it twinkles against your ears. This drops before guitars echo through the soundscape with a wonderful folk-rock tone. There is a decidedly psychedelic edge to the music that is warm and soft. You can easily sink back into the music and rest your head back while it fills your lungs. The melody has a forward movement that is interesting because it propels you through a floating soundscape. This is reminiscent of the overload that many people feel each day. The lighter tones that creep into the melody as the single progresses pulls you closer to an awakening and brighter future.

The psychedelic vibes of the single are bolstered by the vocals. The male vocals that fill the majority of the track are so mellow and chilled that they relax any tension in your shoulders. There is a plush feeling to the male vocals that make the message of the track easier to grab onto. This is contrasted by the more pointed female vocals that make up the chorus. The interplay between the vocal lines is soft and easy while bringing a sense of drama at the same time.

Creative Vibrations showcases his musical mastery with the single ‘Information Overload’. There is an epic floating feeling to the melody that combines rock tones with psychedelia for a perfect harmony. The male and female vocals contrast and complement each other adding a new depth to the track.

Find out more about Creative Vibrations on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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