Chris Too Far – Addicted (2021)

While Chris Too Far had us stewing in the bittersweet time after a breakup with ‘Be Like Stars’, he is delving into the other side of the spectrum with ‘Addicted’. His latest release has us spiralling out of control into the feeling of falling hard for someone which can often be similar to becoming addicted to a drug. Packed with metaphors that relate to both substance addiction and falling in love, the single inundates your senses with the overwhelming emotions of the comparison.

Drawing on personal experience, Chris Too Far combines the addiction to another person with a warning about the dangers of this. A really relatable tale that opens your eyes to everything that can go wrong, the single weaves through your senses with an infectious flow. Continuing the emotive power of his music that we have come to know, this is a wonderful addition to his musical catalogue.

‘Addicted’ strums into your ears and gets your head bopping to the rhythm. The beat has your foot tapping to it while the vibrations of the melody shiver through your chest. There is a richness to the melody as it turns from infectious beats to a wash of lighter tones. The melody on the chorus pulses into your brain and sinks its hooks into you. When the melody moves to lighter moments, it is like the pulse of sound breaks apart and floats like mist before coming back together. The ebb and flow of the melody is amazing as it really fills your senses with the draw and pull of the addiction detailed in the vocals.

As the beats first grab you, Chris’ vocals burst into the soundscape with an itchy feeling of need. The lyrics are open and honest about how he feels and the urge to get the next fix whether that is drugs or being around someone you have fallen for. When the melody shimmers into mist, the vocals turn into this floating flow that is like that hit of being around someone you love. The chorus is catchy and you are going to be singing it before the song is over. While there are metaphors woven into the lyrics, they filter between the overwhelming feelings threaded into the vocal performance. Chris has a truly uncanny ability to get you feeling the twitchy nerves of needing the next fix while pointing you in the direction of caution. The backing vocals later in the track add this rich texture to an already lush soundscape just topping everything off.

Chris Too Far has you twitching with the overwhelming feelings of ‘Addicted’ while diving into how falling in love can be an addiction. The melody brings an ebb and flow to your senses that has you tapping to the beat only to float on hazy mists. His vocal performance is amazing as he fills your veins with the often overwhelming feelings of addiction while also offering a word of caution.

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