Jon Ann – On The Side (2021)

Reminiscent of bands like joan, The Cardigans, Ruby Fields and twinges of Radiohead, duo Jon Ann are a fresh-faced band in the bubblegrunge scene. While Christie (vocals, guitar and keys) and Brendan (guitar) have only been releasing music since 2020, the relatively new band has been reaching audiences across their native Australia. Featured on radio stations including Radio Adelain and Three D Radio, the youngsters add engaging and relatable lyrics to toe-tapping melodies. The latest release from Jon Ann is the single ‘On The Side’.

Born on the same day, same year and almost the same time, Christie and Brendan are twins using their sibling bond to create outstandingly intimate music. Alright, so I might have elaborated on the “sibling bond” thing, but it can be useful to use your twin as a sounding board – I mean, brothers and sisters are brutally honest. Described by Three D Radio as being “incredible”, Jon Ann are on a roll with their heartfelt music. Yet, it is not the simplistic guitar-driven melodies that make them intriguing but the depth of their lyricism.

Despite being quite young, Jon Ann showcases a sophisticated maturity in their lyricism. Recorded with producer Lachy Bruce, ‘On The Side’ is a reflective song with a harmonic connection between lyricism and music. Speaking from personal experience, ‘On The Side’ uses an intriguing narrative to captivate and engage with audiences. Touching on the issue of being someone on the side in a relationship, the twins’ capture feelings of confusion, isolation, anxiety, aggression and empowerment. This might be considered a cliche area with many songs dealing with difficult relationships, but Jon Ann transcends any cliche-ness finding a balance between innocent naivety and sentimental sincerity.

In addition to their single, Jon Ann released an official music video for ‘On The Side’. Simplistic in its style and production, the video shows Christie and Brendan performing in different settings but without any bells or whistles. It’s plain, basic and the ideal visual interpretation of the song’s poignant meaning. They are direct and straightforward which only enhances the intimacy of the track. The video can be seen below:

For more from Jon Ann check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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