Christian Powers – 2000 Miles (2021)

There are people in our pasts who move out of our lives but remain supportive of what we are doing in the present. Christian Powers is drawing inspiration from one such person in his life for his single ‘2000 Miles’. Using an experimental beat as the base, the single considers the support of someone far away and the emotions this brings to your life.

While Powers usually roams the hip-hop genre, this single is a melting pot of sonic influences. With a touch of RnB and pop, he treads new territory while staying true to his passionate tone and motivating spirit. Self-produced in his bedroom, this single shows a blossoming of creativity and pushing of boundaries that will leave you excited for where he will go in the future.

‘2000 Miles’ shimmers and glitters into your ears with a smooth RnB flow. The deep beat is wonderfully countered by the light clicking tones to create a textured soundscape. There is an amazing richness to the melody that perfectly captures the emotions of the track. You can feel a touch of yearning in the low levels while a wash of acceptance of the situation covers you. The music has a complex layering that is a pleasure to listen to as different elements rise and fall.

The richness of the melody is felt in Powers’ vocal performance. His passionate tone is emotive while smooth as satin against your skin. The lyrics fill you with the appreciation and love he felt for the person who supports him from a distance. The yearning of the melody is enhanced by his performance as he longs to have the person with him. There is a touch of bittersweet emotion in his performance that tugs at your heart in the best possible ways. This tinges the love and affection woven deep into the track with sadness but that only seems to make it more powerful.

Christian Powers fills you with affection and love tinged with bittersweet yearning in the powerful and emotive ‘2000 Miles’. The track is a seductive slide of RnB that settles around you like a rich cloud. His vocals are passionate and smooth as they weave his affection around you.

Find out more about Christian Powers on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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