Guerilla State – Disobey (2021)

We live in a world that often pushes us toward conformity through various means. Guerilla State is here to shove us out of this mainstream conformity with the fearless rock sounds of ‘Disobey’. Through the charges music, they remind us that disobedience is, at times, necessary and that silence is the same as conforming. The single continues the band’s strong commentary on the social and political intricacies of the world.

Rory Robinson (vocals, synths, piano, guitar, bass, drums) and Michael Dalton (backing vocals, synths, piano, guitar, bass) are the duo behind this call to disobey. With a sound that embodies the spirit of fearless expression and stands up against the pressures of society, they fill you with the strength to stand against the current. While an emerging band, they have been making a statement since their debut and show no signs of stopping.

‘Disobey’ hooks you from the first electronic note and only continues to enthral as it continues. The deep electronic vibrations call to you from the underground and beckon you to stand with the denizens of the dark. The blast of guitars have you wanting to shout at the pressure of society. There is a building energy in the melody that fills you with empowerment and the urge to take a stand. It is a very richly textured melody that pounds the message of the track into your soul. Each element has you flying on the fearless energy of the band and makes you want to stand against the tide of conformity in the world.

The richness of the melody fills you with energy, but it is really the vocals that give this energy direction. Robinson’s vocals creep into your senses through the opening verse as he beckons you off the path approved by society. The backing vocals chant for you to disobey while the main vocal line soars through your chest. There is so much passion in this track that you can’t help but feel the same as the band. The lyrics highlight all the reasons why you should disobey before pulsing a manifesto into your soul that has you pushing societal boundaries.

Guerilla State vibrates pure energy through your veins as they empower you to stand against the tide of conformity in ‘Disobey’. The merger of electronic tones is stunning as it beckons you into the underground before pulsing with the need to stand for what you believe in. This movement enhances the vocals that fly with passion and chant for the resistance.

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