Vassilis – Puppy (2021)

Unrequited love can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. This is something that Vassilis has picked up and wrapped around guitar-driven pop tones in ‘Puppy’. While delving into the bittersweet aftertaste of unrequited love, he edges the border of innocence and experience. As part of his first EP Return to Innocence, the single combines easy listening with sadness, unrealised affection and humorous dancing after themes of innocence.

While touching on bittersweet emotions, the single continues the positivity we felt from Vassilis in his release ‘Better Days are Here’. Using a mellow and chilled vibe, he highlights the different elements of the track with masterful strokes. You can still feel the depth of experience he has through his music which offers a sophisticated and enjoyable listening experience.

Vassilis’ layered vocals open ‘Puppy’ with a really chilled vibe. While chilled, there is a deep sense of sadness woven into his performance. You can feel the pain in his voice as he describes his feelings about being lost in unrequited love. His performance is unbelievably emotive as he tugs at your heartstrings and fills you with his pain. While the single is about unrequited love, the lyrics can take on a different edge. They can also represent a bad relationship where you give more than you are receiving and are left feeling taken advantage of. As he dives into pain and sadness, he pulls you out of the mire as you realise the bad situation and move on. This brings the positivity and optimism that we know him for to a really bittersweet single.

As Vassilis’ vocals take centre stage, the jangling guitar-driven melody fills your ears. The chilled vibes of the vocals get a mellow shading with the music. This turns into a reflective edge that enhances the tugging at your emotions from the vocals. The weaving tones of the music are rich and melancholic as they endlessly pull you further under the spell of the track.

Vassilis fills you with pain and melancholy before moving to realisation and the desire to move on from a bad situation in ‘Puppy’. The single is wonderfully mellow yet has amazing emotive depths that you can’t help but sink into. His vocals performance fills you with the pain of unrequited love or the feeling of being taken advantage of in a relationship while the melody keeps you hooked.

Find out more about Vassilis on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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