Chrome Sky – Desert Sun (2021)

Nature is full of wonders that inspire awe and can be quite deadly if not handled correctly. Chrome Sky are paying tribute to the Sahara in ‘Desert Sun’ which details an experience in the desert and communicating with nature. While diving into the natural world, the single is also a showcase of a different side of the band. Bridging alternative and prog-death metal, they dust the soundscape with an industrial tone and throw in an oriental twist.

The single is another peg in the music story that is the result of a decade-long collaboration between Paolo Miano and Mario Ferrarese. Their collaboration aims to blend metal, goth, progressive and industrial tones to form a new genre and unique listening experience. Through their sound, they depict the ruthless gaze of contemporary humans with the only organic shining light the vocals that cut through the music.

‘Desert Sun’ slowly opens like the sun peeking over the dunes of the desert. The high tones of the opening call you into the desert while the heavy feeling of the lower levels brings the ruthlessness of nature to life. The interplay of the high and low tones is a wonderful sonic representation of the unforgiving beauty of the natural world. As the song progresses, there is a hit of industrial and trance elements that skitter across your ears and get your body jittering to their tone. The melody is a heavy punch of sound that is an absolute wonder to listen to.

While the vocals offer the organic line that stands against the electronic elements, it does little to soothe. The power of the vocals enhances the heavy feeling of the melody while hitting home with the awesome power of the desert. You can almost feel the heat of the desert sun through the vocals. There is an overlapping of vocals at times that brings a new texture to the track. Later in the track, the vocals fly across the desert-scape with a rock flow that eases some of the metal tones of the melody.

Chrome Sky pays tribute to the unforgiving beauty of nature with the intense tones of ‘Desert Sun’. The melody is full-on and does not stop for a moment. The vocals enhance the punch of the music while moving from metal to melodic rock.

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