Polemics – Captain (2021)

While Polemics have been spending their time working on their debut album, they took a break to release ‘Captain’. Recorded during lockdown, the single takes a stroll through a post-apocalyptic reality where nature has been buried under the footprint of human industry. With a driving sound, the band has listeners delving into the emotions and beliefs of this fictional world.

This post-apocalyptic world comes from Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle. The duo are school friends who united in music through their passion for heavier sounders and became an emerging fixture in the Bristol live music scene. Together, they combine their edgy attitudes with angry lyrics for a merging of pop and rock sensibilities.

‘Captain’ opens with a swagger and driving guitar momentum. The thrust of the melody has your head moving to it while pushing you further and further into the post-apocalyptic world of the lyrics. There is something a little familiar woven into the depths of the melody but this is artfully entwined with the modern sensibilities of the band. Later in the track, the melody reaches a crescendo before dropping you in a freefall. The guitars are there to catch you and continue to push you into the soaring lines of the instrumentation.

The vocals bring a punch of punk rock that enhances the attitude infused into the melody. The lyrics are a combination of obedience to the status quo and pushing against the boundaries that have been set. Through all of this, the duo questions what has happened and turn your attention to the horrors of the futuristic world. As the single continues, the power and frenetic energy of the vocal performance builds to shake your insides. While the single is about a potential future, there is something about it that is scarily real and made more poignant by the emotions seeping through the vocals.

Polemics take a stroll through a post-apocalyptic world with all the passion of punk and the infectious melodics of rock in ‘Captain’. There is an undeniable energy to the single that vibrates through your chest and has you running forward with the momentum of the track. The passion in the vocals hooks into you and fill you with the emotion and energy of the band.

Find out more about Polemics on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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