Church, Honey – Pity Sex (2020)

Church, Honey is a new band led by singer-songwriter Ben James Miller. While the project only started this year, there have been previous releases from band members. The sound of Church, Honey is a departure from this and takes a different turn.

Their debut release is ‘Pity Sex’, a song about the last night spent with an ex-lover before going your separate ways. The single is a passion-filled plea for one last moment before clarity sinks in and you go on to live apart. This is a relatable theme that many people can connect to.

‘Pity Sex’ has a very smooth opening that draws you to Miller’s vocals. The steady beat of the track builds the hazy feeling of the last night together. The melody builds up to the chorus of passionate guitars and vocals.

While the melody of the track rises and falls with the story, the vocal performance injects the emotion of the song. Miller hits your emotions with powerful vocals that cut through you. It is a huge vocal performance that leaves you wishing the song was longer.

Church, Honey twists you through an emotional rollercoaster with ‘Pity Sex’. The track seamlessly moves from hazy to passionate with emotive vocals and lyrics that punch your chest. While this is a departure from previous material, it is a great introduction to what the band has to offer.

Find out more about Church, Honey on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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