ODEONS – Not The One (2021)

Blending elements of indie-rock, alternative rock and pop-rock, ODEONS is certainly unique. Founded in 2020, the Finnish duo might be considered newbies in the scene; however, they are already receiving critical acclaim on an international level. Featured on Buzz Music, Edgar Allan Poets, RIsing Artists Blog, It’s All Indie, Roadie Music and various online radio stations/playlists, the pair show they are here to stay. The latest addition to their growing discography is ‘Not The One’.

Having already collaborated with international artists Joey Dija, Sylvia Massy and Jeff Fried, ODEONS has proven its versatility and innovation. In fact, Grammy Award-winning producer stated that “these guys know how to write guitar-driven music”. Yet, while the dynamic guitars play a prominent role in ODEONS’ melodies, it is the execution of the melody that makes ODEONS unforgettable. Following the single ‘I Can’t Pretend’ (read our review here), ‘Not The One’ is hard-hitting and powerful with mind-blowing guitar riffs.

As with ‘I Can’t Pretend’ and ‘Allowed To Fail’ (read our review here), the pair continue to explore the complexities of human emotions. Joined by Jeff Friedl on drums, the single moves to a heavier rock-influenced sound showcasing a more “moshpit headbanging” than “toe-tapping and head-bopping” approach. I am not a fan of comparing bands to other bands, but for a quick idea of what to expect thank Nirvana meets Foo Fighters. Odd, but even as I read the comparison I feel ODEONS stands in a class of their own.

Filled with pulse-racing crescendos and catchy choruses, ‘Not The One’ explores both melancholic experiences, selfless humility and motivational empowerment. When discussing the conceptual single, ODEONS explains that ‘Not The One’ “…is an emotional successor to the narrative established in ‘Allowed To Fall’. When you have been at your weakest and ultimately found your grace in surrendering to the greater mystery of life…In the narrative of the song the protagonist recognises and actualises their power but does not lift themselves above others.”

For more from ODEONS check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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