Church Mice – I Found You (2022)

With their EP Flying, Church Mice headed back to their roots, while also trying out some new sounds and melodic structures. Now, they are unleashing the only love song in their repertoire ‘I Found You’ as a single. Delicate, sweet and simple, the horn section shines in this track and brings the wonder and joy of true love to our ears.

While their last EP drew them closer to the roots of their sound, this single is a slight departure as it taps into more folk and Americana flows. The delicacy of the single showcases the versatility of a band that can sweep you into their rock movements only to fill you with the intimate touches of falling in love. By the end of the single, you will be swaying and riding the good vibes of the track.

The deep beats that open ‘I Found You’ really grab your attention before you are sent to drift on the easy warm vibes of the guitar. After the initial surge through your senses, the music becomes tender with a light tone that sways through you. Beneath these tender tones, the drums gently push you further into the softness of the music. The top layers of the melody are soft and gentle as they fill your chest with uplifting vibes. As you listen, you can feel your chest expand with the euphoric feelings of falling in love. When the horns enter later, they bring a richness to the soundscape as they sling a companionable arm over your shoulders. It is almost impossible to not get lost in the horn bridge that perfectly creates the swirl of soft vibes and happy emotions of the track.

While the melody brings the soft vibes and euphoria of love, the vocals take you on a soft journey to finding the person who seems to complete you. The lyrics bring a small smile as they bring the connection felt to our ears. While there is an understanding that things might not always be easy, there is the knowledge that together you can get through anything. The vocals also pick up the euphoria of the melody and cement it in your soul.

With their only love song, Church Mice fill your senses with the euphoria of love and the warmth it can bring through ‘I Found You’. The melody is tender and delicate as it lifts you up and covers you in the happiness created by the horns. The vocals draw you into the soft journey of finding the perfect person and the glowing happiness this can bring.

Find out more about Church Mice on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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