Cindy-Louise – Rescue Me (2022)

With a reputation for her engaging and unique songwriting style, South African-born singer-songwriter Cindy-Louise can effortlessly hypnotise you with her music. As a South African myself, I am drawn to SA artists, and we have already featured her reviewing her track ‘Femme Fatale’. Yet, we’re not the only ones singing her praises. Featured on News24, Huisgenoot, The Punk Head, KMS Reviews, Pop Fad Blog, YMX and Jacaranda Radio (to name but a few), Cindy-Louise is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to her repertoire is the single ‘Rescue Me’.

Slipping indie-pop and progressive rock tinges into her dark pop sound, Cindy-Louise’s sound is unique. An alternative pop track, ‘Rescue Me’ brings a smattering of gothic pop layered with contemporary pop sounds. Yes, I know I said pop a lot in the previous sentences, but this is the genre (along with sub-genres) where Cindy-Louise’s music lies. Yet, she defies the typical label with a deeper, darker sentimentality woven through the sound.

A heavily synth-driven track, ‘Rescue Me’ has a toe-tapping quality but with a more intense emotion. Not wistful or whimsical, but still having a hazy ambience, the single wraps you in a kaleidoscopic hug leaving you lost in a sonic whirlpool. Unlike ‘My Fantasy’, ‘Rescue Me’ lacks obscurity but this doesn’t make it any less enigmatic. In fact, the singer-songwriter retains an ethereal mysteriousness in the breath-taking melody.

Influenced by various aspects of life, ‘Rescue Me’ was inspired by the Netflix series Arcane: League of Legends. Cindy-Louise explains that “the storyline and music truly sparked my creative process in the track making the single very theatrical…” Well, she certainly achieved a sense of the theatrical in the evocative arrangement. Yet, it is not only the melody that captures one’s mind and heart – it is the intimacy.

Written from the viewpoint of an innocent child in a trying circumstance, Cindy-Louise looks at a desperate world longing for change. She explains that in “a world full of corruption and crime it is difficult to know who to trust; the lines have become blurred, and the colour is grey…this song is definitely a wake-up call to the human race.” The wonderful thing about Cindy-Louise is her message of empowerment in melancholic themes. In ‘Rescue Me’ she might expose the drastic desperation of a broken world, but “…we can change and even improve to ensure that innocence does not turn bad because of unfortunate circumstances.”

For more from Cindy-Louise check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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