Hannah Dorman – Fake Heartache (2021)

Described by record label Abubilla Music as being “super talented with a rocky-pop voice, catchy songs and fabulous to see live”, UK-based Hannah Dorman is certainly one to watch. In 2017 her acoustic cover of ‘Human’ was discovered on Spotify’s Acoustic Hits Playlist by Universal which led to Dorman sharing her music with the masses. Performing at various festivals and venues, the Surrey singer-songwriter is building a loyal following among listeners. Moreover, while she carries on with her musical project, she continues to post YouTube videos increasing her presence as an online performer. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘Fake Heartache’.

On the heels of her 2020 track ‘Alone’, ‘Fake Heartache’ is the only single from Dorman in 2021. Once again adopting an Anastasia meets KT Tunstall sound, Dorman nods to the pop sounds of the late-90s/early-2000s. Bubble-gum pink melodies underlie her soulful vocals adding a toe-tapping vibe to the contemporary pop sound. In some cases, these light-hearted pop melodies can be interpreted as cheesy or pretentious, but Hannah Dorman draws you in with her flowing musicality and sophisticated, well-placed melodic arrangement.

A heart-warming and tender track, ‘Fake Heartache’ has a sincere sleekness with charming tones; however, Dorman proves her skill in placing emotive and poignant messages in a pretty little package. Dorman shares that ‘Fake Heartache’ is “an uplifting track combining heartache with self-love and self-worth. When you come out of a relationship, it’s not quite a real heartache, it’s a fake heartache.”

What I find particularly appealing to ‘Fake Heartache’, beyond falling in line with my 90s music obsession, is the sensitivity of Dorman’s performance. Desperation can be heard in her dulcet tones leading you in one direction, but then everything changes with the tinges of empowerment and strength in the single. Recorded with producer Matt O’Grady (Deaf Havana, You Met At Six and Don Broco, ‘Fake Heartache’ is a triumph for this intoxicating artist.

For more from Hannah Dorman check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.   

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