Clifford – Can We Dance To This (2022)

From his sensual single ‘Quick Quick Slow’ to his take on how boredom can be inspiring in ‘I’m So Bored’, Clifford has kept us enthralled. Ever-changing, the US-based singer-songwriter is difficult to define and truthfully, I am so glad for this. Featured in Less Than 1000 Followers, We Write About Music, Roadie Music, KMS Reviews and many others, Clifford is quickly gaining an international following. As you can see, he has already captivated The Other Side Reviews, but if you listen to his music, you’ll understand our enthusiasm. The latest single to his well-received discography is ‘Can We Dance To This’.

Influenced by artists from Johnny Cash and Kate Bush to The Temptations and Yo-Yo Ma, Clifford presents a true appreciation of all types of music. Eclectic, to say the least, his songs display a dazzling versatility moving from electronic pop in one track to soul in another. Following his fiery single ‘Too Big Too Strong’, Clifford adopts a bouncier, more toe-tapping vibe in ‘Can We Dance To This’. A nostalgic flashback to the days of Motown with 60s soul, funk, pop and a drop of R&B, ‘Can We Dance To This’ has that old-school enchantment. Yet, while he roars to the realm of The Temptations and Kool & The Gang, there is a contemporary edginess making the track modern but with old-school charm.

Pouring himself into each song, we see (or rather hear) Clifford’s personality in his work. ‘Quick Quick Slow’ took a sexy stance on relationships, but ‘Can We Dance To This’ is more reflective. The reclusiveness of the last two years affected people in various significant ways, particularly when dealing with relationships. Friends were lost, families were disconnected and the idea of meeting someone to love was almost tossed into non-existence. Clifford not only identifies these issues but adds a sense of hopefulness for someone or something to adore as we move along. He explains that while he has not yet met his soul mate, ‘Can We Dance To This’ “exemplifies my feelings of happiness to know that they’re alive.”

Lyrically, ‘Can We Dance To This’ is a moving, heartfelt and tender tune; however, it is the melody that makes you click your fingers. While there is a sense of simplicity in the arrangement with a strong piano-led design, the track also has a complexity in both melody and lyricism. It is as if we were set adrift on a sonic river with a glistening surface but wrapped in a gossamer blanket of bubblegum pink happiness. Perhaps a silver thread running through a kaleidoscopic sonic tapestry. Either way, you’ll feel true joy as you listen to ‘Can We Dance To This’.

For more from Clifford check out his Bandcamp and Twitter.

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