PREMIERE: Clifford – I’m So Bored (2021)

Boredom – it’s something we all experience at some point in our lives. With pandemic lockdowns and the uncertainty of what will happen, boredom is quite rife. Associated with apathy and indifference, it can be considered laziness; or you might be dealing with restless boredom which can be even more frustrating than not giving a hoot. The thing is, and I was certainly shocked when I found out, boredom can sometimes be a good thing! No, I’m serious, there is research on this and what we’ve discovered is boredom can inspire – Clifford proves my point with his single ‘I’m So Bored’.

As in his well-received single, ‘Love Is Real’ (read our review here), the US-based singer-songwriter approaches feelings of irritation, annoyance and vexation in ‘I’m So Bored’. Yet, while the theme is similar the execution is completely contrasting as Clifford moves from an acoustic ballad to high-paced alternative rock. The seamless transition highlights his innovativeness, musicality and versatility as a producer and musician – something that keeps audiences captivated.

One aspect of Clifford’s music that I find intriguing is how he uses various arrangements to share a significant emotion – intimacy. ‘Quick Quick Slow’ (read our review here) tapped into sexual intimacy with its animal magnetism; whereas ‘Love Is Real’ oozed heartfelt genuineness in a dulcet tone. Now, we see (or rather hear) depth as Clifford connects on an intimate level with his listeners.

Closeness and sincerity can be found in ‘I’m So Bored’; however, it is the frenzy of the melody that enhances the essence of the song. A powerful intensity pours forth from the upbeat tune with a toe-tapping vibe, leaving you grinning as you listen to the track. Finding the line between rock and post-punk, Clifford appeals to various audiences with the new single. I am particularly keen on the, let’s say it, the craziness of the melody dipping into moving guitar riffs as Clifford leads us out of the track. It’s like travelling on a turbulent sonic river before sailing off into a kaleidoscopic sunset.

While Clifford’s multi-instrumental skills continue to astound me, it is his poetic and evocative lyricism that moves me. As such, this naturally talented artist explained that he “…always thought to write a good song you have to tell a story through lyrics, but with this song, I realised it would be better told using mostly instruments instead”; the thing is, Clifford writes good music regardless of the amount of lyricism. In fact, ‘I’m So Bored’ points out something interesting because while there are fewer vocals, the simplicity speaks thousands of words.

After reading this, you’re probably aware I’m quite a fan of the young artist for what he does is artistry. When working on this hard-hitting track, Clifford said “Oh forget it, this is going into the vault”; I’m am so pleased it didn’t stay there. Sliding into your brain, reverberating down your spine and leaving you with shivers on your arms, ‘I’m So Bored’ is a punch in the face that you will absolutely love!

For more from Clifford check out his Bandcamp, Twitter and Spotify.

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