Code Red – Don’t Dream (2020)

There are times when you feel like you are the only person without a handle on life. Code Red are here to let you know that is not the case with their single ‘Don’t Dream’. A song about hope, it lets you know that no-one really has a handle on life or knows what lies ahead. While offering this understanding, it fills you with the courage to get out there in face of this and be who you want to be.

While the band started out as a sought after cover outfit, their original music has turned them into one of the bands you need to listen to. Turning from covers to original releases in 2019, they have received rave reviews from their cover loving fans and been drawing in new listeners. A brooding yet dynamic single, this track will get you moving while revelling in the freedom life has to offer.

‘Don’t Dream’ has a wonderfully light opening with these light notes that effortlessly draw you into the song. This gives way to a heavier rock tone with soaring guitars that swells from the background. The guitar line is a pleasure to listen to and melds with the light notes from the opening. The guitars come harder on the chorus to propel you into the soundscape. The melody is infectious and you can’t help but get a little lost in it as it soars over you.

Resting on the melody is a steady vocal performance. The vocals cut through the melody to rest in your chest as you are filled with a sense of connection. Through the lyrics, you find that you are not alone and should grab the freedom that life has to offer. It is a very uplifting and motivating single that makes you want to get out there and be who you are.

Code Red lifts you up and fills you with motivation while letting you know that you are not alone in ‘Don’t Dream’. The pulsing rock melody is infectious while the vocals pump motivational vibes into your veins. Through the single, you are filled with a sense of freedom and the courage to get out there and be yourself.

Find out more about Code Red on their Facebook and Spotify.

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