Thomas – Limerence (2020)

Thomas is using his music to track his journey from a frustrated commerce student to a self-taught musician in Limerence. The 8-track album moves through different pop stylings as you are led along his path of musical discovery. Combining his new-found musicality with vulnerable vocals and lyrics, he lays out his soul and the sentiments that brought him to where he is.

Through the tracks, you are taken on a voyage of wonder and escapism. Each track has a relatable thread while making you feel that you too can grab hold of your dreams. The album is an exciting introduction to Thomas’ sound which has been crafted through YouTube tutorials and determination.

The album starts with ‘2 Be’ which draws you into the sound with an easy opening. There is a very gentle flow to the melody which is enhanced by the smooth vibe of Thomas’ vocals. The almost dreamy soundscape created by the melody is an interesting counter to the rather heavy lyrics. Using the dreamy backdrop, he touches on co-dependence and the need to dismantle this. The deeper beats that come in later are a wonderful addition to the light melody.

‘Good Times’ has these deep shuffling beats that form a great foundation for the song. The vocals have a breezy feeling to them as they dance along the beats. There is a very upbeat vibe to this song, but the lyrics do have a few dark moments lurking in them. The flow of the single carries a bit of the opening track through it with an almost dreamy vocal performance. This is a wonderful continuity of sound, but also offers something fresh.

‘Dog Boy’ hits you with a completely different vibe to the tracks before it. There are deep and pulsing tones that make you move to their slightly off-kilter beats. The interesting flow of the melody gives way to a more melodic line that has you floating away on the light touch. This song is a great showcase of the versatility Thomas has to offer. It also showcases his musicality as the movement from off-kilter to melodic is wonderfully handled.

The opening of ‘Wanna Stay’ takes you back to a more melodic flow. There is a good pop beat to this track while the vocals continue their tender flow over the music. The vocals are very emotive on this track as you are filled with the questioning and uncertainty of the lyrics. The chorus has a very catchy vibe that you can’t help but get drawn into. You will find your shoulders moving to the groove of the melody. The faster vocals later in the track add a new dimension to the song which is wonderful to hear.


The next track is ‘151’ which is an experience of escapism that is perfectly executed. You are thrown into some of those off-kilter tones from ‘Dog Boy’, but there is something more to them on this track. They meld with a shuffling melody that has you floating away on the winds. The harmonisations are this wonderful echoing that gives an edge to the self-medication lyrics. The melodic elements used in the track perfectly complement the lyrics for an immersive listening experience.

‘I’ll Wait’ has a gentle acoustic guitar opening that effortlessly draws you in. There is a vulnerability and honesty in this song that cuts through you to touch your heart. The acoustic melody is different from the rest of the album and adds a rawness to the music. The vocals also lose a bit of the dreaminess for a more authentic sound. These changes help the lyrics of the track hit harder while you are filled with the emotions of the song.

‘Grab My Attention’ has your foot tapping from the first moment with these plucky notes that tap against your ears. The beat gets your head lightly moving to it while Thomas’ vocals are a higher layer draped over the melody. The melody has a vibrant radiance to it that makes you feel light as you listen. This is a very easy song to listen to as you can easily let it flow over you as you relax.

The album ends with ‘Never Be The Same’ which draws you in with some atmospheric vocals. The melody below the vocal line is quite interesting and a counter to the almost haunting vocals. This song is a perfect ending to the album in both melody and lyrics. The vocals are full of awe at how far the journey has taken him while filling you with a sense that you can follow and do what you want.

Thomas takes you on a personal journey through the easy pop stylings of his album Limerence. Each track has a unique flair to it that showcases his musicality while offering an insight into the journey he has taken. As you listen, you are filled with a range of emotions and encouraged to find your own path.

Find out more about Thomas on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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