Francesco Luz – If You Believe (2020)

Francesco Luz has been performing across the world with the brand Trim, but is now taking his first solo career steps. His debut self-published album Extraordinary Men was released in 2019. The third track from the album ‘If You Believe’ has now been released.

The song has its roots in the balance between good and evil. It details how they are the two sides of the same coin. This deep message is portrayed in the classic rock tones of the track and the accompanying music video.

‘If You Believe’ starts running from the first note. The music is a steady beat while Luz’s vocals start asking you the deep questions. The classic rock tones shine throughout the song with a heavy guitar that matches the vocals.

The lyrics are heavy while being delivered in an easy to listen to tone. They ask us about our beliefs, visions of life and whether our real nature is being suppressed. The combination of questioning lyrics, rock tones and great guitar culminate in a track you cannot stop listening to.

In ‘If You Believe’ Francesco Luz asks some hard questions about life that leaves you feeling contemplative. The heavy topics are lightened by the classic rock vibes of the song and the powerful guitar. The accompanying music video is a great addition and well worth a watch.

Find out more about Francesco Luz on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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