Collect Call – Simple (2021)

As we get older, we are often bogged down with the demands of society and the pressures of being an adult. Collect Call is offering a moment of peace in the storm of the world through the nostalgic, slightly angsty and dreamy tones of ‘Simple’. With a dreamy wash of synths, he has you reconnecting with the innocence and joy of youth while acknowledging the struggles we face in our daily lives.

Written and recorded by Joseph Thorpe, the man behind the call, during the first lockdown, the single captures a feeling of isolation, a cry for help and finally acceptance. While he has flirted with psych-rock bands in the past, this musical project is completely different as it dives into nuanced and dreamy pop tones. Through this project, he has created a space where he can confidently express himself and connect with listeners.

‘Simple’ slowly rises with a gentle wash of dreamy synths. There is a delicate floating feeling to the opening that is like that moment when you are just falling asleep. The twinkling tones add to the night-time feeling of the track while the lower levels warble to add texture to the melody. Through all of this, you can feel the innocence of youth woven between the notes. As you listen to the melody, you want to close your eyes and ride the dreamy waves of pastel clouds.

While the melody is light and dreamy, the vocals have a slightly sad and sombre feeling in the opening. The lyrics dive into thoughts of the demands of society and the urge to get away from it all and submerge yourself in memories of the past. As the single progresses, the sadness slowly drips away to build a foundation of acceptance. While the vocals have a solid melodic flow, there are moments of hazy washes and echoes that enhances the dreamy feeling of the melody.

Collect Call has you indulging in a dreamy soundscape while moving from angst and sadness to acceptance in ‘Simple’. Every element of the single is awash with dreamy tones that have you floating to the sound. The vocals capture the emotions of the single while pulling you into the dreamy soundscape.

Find out more about Collect Call on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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