Sweeter Than Sorrow – Like Water Is Flowing (2021)

If you are looking for music that is heartfelt, honest and captures an introverted world, you are in the right place. Sweeter Than Sorrow uses slow ethereal and emotive tones to pluck at your senses and dive into the inner recesses of your soul. With his single ‘Like Water Is Flowing’, he lets loose a love letter dedicated to his wife who is the love of his life. From the perspective of an imperfect husband, he expresses gratitude and love to the person who has been by his side.

This tribute and love letter comes from Mattias Wahlberg, the multi-instrumentalist behind the music. While he is best known as the leader of the Swedish band Sombre View, he is branching out with his solo music to create piano-based soundscapes. Continuing to merge folk and classical music, he brings swells of strings to ambient pop for a wonderful listening experience.

‘Like Water Is Flowing’ opens as a light twinkle out the corner of your eye and turns into a gentle babbling brook of soft sounds. The shuffle of the drum ambles over the deep thrums in the low levels of the music. The lightness and softness of the music are extremely touching and brings waves of warm affection to your soul. Through all of this, you can feel a deep intimacy to the single as the music seems to embrace you and hold you close.

The vocals are an emotive confession of affection and bring all the things we wish we could tell our loved ones but have lacked the words for. At times, there is a yearning and longing for the other person threaded into the performance. However, this gives way to the deep rover of affection and all-encompassing love felt for another. There is no way to listen to this single and not feel every corner of your spirit fill with affection and warmth. The slow and steady movement of the track enhances the emotional hits which are a bright light that leaves you feeling better about everything.

Sweeter Than Sorrow has you floating on a brook of soft sounds while filling you with the warmth of affection in ‘Like Water Is Flowing’. The delicate love letter to his wife is a touching single that leaves nothing but good vibes and affection in its wake. The light melodics and confessional vocals combine for a depth of emotion that you won’t forget.

Find out more about Sweeter Than Sorrow on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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