Illumen – Drifting Apart (2021)

Feelings and emotions can be intense at times, but they can also start to fade which is as scary as when they are strongly felt. Illumen has picked up this sense of emotional drift in their aptly titled single ‘Drifting Apart’. While looking at the fading of emotions, they reflect on the behaviours that we don’t like in ourselves and wish to drift away from.

With lyrics and melodies that lay emotions and thought processes bare, the single is the search for a simple truth you never knew you needed. As the third release from the Stockholm three-piece, the track continues to blend their honest vibes with their varying influences. Balanced, subdued yet desperate and yearning, the single tugs at your heart with emotions we are all too familiar with.

‘Drifting Apart’ opens with raw and emotionally honest vocals that instantly reach into your chest and squeeze. There is a naked feeling to the opening vocals that really set the tone for the emotions of the track. While the vocals punch out and soar on the chorus, they retain the raw honesty of the opening. The lyrics are as open and vulnerable as the vocal delivery making the entire single more poignant. As you listen, you are filled with the pain of fading emotions only to feel the punching crave for something more through the chorus. It is a seriously heavy single that touches on so many familiar emotions that you can’t help but be hooked.

As the vocals pack some emotional punches and tug at your heart, the melodic arrangement is masterful in its bolstering power. The gentle tones that open the track shimmer and cascade into the heavy pound of the chorus. This allows the tender and vulnerable tones of the vocals to hit harder only to rise and punch through your defences for the chorus. It is a little rollercoaster of a melody that perfectly matches the emotional rollercoaster caused by the vocals.

Illumen take you on a powerful emotional rollercoaster packed with vulnerability, honesty, pain and yearning with ‘Drifting Apart’. The vocals open the track and journey through the emotions of the single with amazing precision. The masterful crafting of the melody bolsters the emotions of the vocals perfectly.

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