Bones In Butter – This Is Not What You Promised Us (2021)

Led by multi-instrumentalist Milutin Krasevic, Bones In Butter is a collective music project bringing together artists throughout the Belgrade alternative music scene. Drawing from their diverse experiences, influences and interest in music, six artists form a unique alternative rock meets post-punk band. Meeting via the internet at the beginning of Covid-19 lockdowns, Bones In Butter was a remote group from the start; however, this did not affect the creative juices from following. Atop their already established individual acknowledgement, the six-piece have featured on notable blogs like Nexus Music Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Less Than 1000 Followers and various radio stations. The latest addition to their discography is ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’.

Following their single ‘So Alone’ (read our review here), ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ retains the dark, gritty sound so associated with Bones In Butter. A combination of dynamic guitars and pounding drums with underlying keyboards, the song creates an ethereal ambience in which you can become lost. As if you are wading through a heavily fogged forest with the fear of being caught, there is a creepiness to the tantalising kaleidoscopic soundscape. Yet, while the track is overwhelming with an interesting textured and layered melody, each element comes together to form a breathtakingly beautiful whole.

One aspect of Bones In Butter’s music is the rich vocals executed by Krasevic and their reminiscence to Nick Cave, but with a warmth that is completely lacking in Cave’s arresting sound. Using his otherworldly tones, accompanied by Luna Skopelja’s backing vocals, Krasevic enhances the poignancy and haunting quality of the track. This “creepiness” is perfect considering the meaning of ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ highlighting the band’s depth as artists.

A track off their upcoming Songs For A Sane Society, ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ is a continuation of the social commentary started in ‘So Alone’. Bones In Butter shares that “…’So Alone’ dealt with the decline and punishment of a tyrant. ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ is focused on the victims of this tyrant, on the time after the tyranny has ended and on the fact that it was ordinary people who brought the oppressor to power and made the tyranny possible in the first place.”

Intelligent and provocative, Bones In Butter once again surprise me with the sophisticated darkness in their intense single. I cannot wait for more from the group, particularly the upcoming album Songs For A Sane Society.

For more from Bones In Butter check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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