Colossal Rex – Dust Devil (2020)

Colossal Rex takes a look at the Gulf War and how the US government started it in their single ‘Dust Devil’. Through the alternative rock sounds of the band, they look at the misleading media releases of the government and the problems this created. Their lurching and brooding soundscape has you reflecting on the past and how this can impact the future.

Having started out as a jam session, David Bayless (guitar, vocals), Pippo de Tommaso (bass) and Stephen James McCabe (drums) created enough music for their band’s songs. Through their music, they meld their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds for an original sound.

‘Dust Devil’ hits you with a pounding guitar line that is joined by an equally enthusiastic drum. The energetic pace slows once the vocals hit turning into a more brooding soundscape. While there is a dip in the tempo, there is still a lot of energy resting in the notes which bursts out for the chorus. This is when the melody sends you soaring into the vocals and lyrics of the track. There is an infectious flow to the melody that you get swept up in and have to ride out.

While the melody fills you with energy, Bayless’ vocals have a more sobering effect. The smooth entrance of his vocals and his fluid performance help you ride out the melody and fall into the lyrics. There is a reflective vibe to his vocals, but there is something more hiding in the lower levels. There is a lesson waiting to be learnt woven into each note of the song. This lesson slinks into your brain while your body moves to the engaging guitar lines and you get down to the rock grooves of the track.

Colossal Rex takes a look at misleading media and war in their lively yet brooding single ‘Dust Devil’. The track hits you from the first second with engaging guitar lines that keep you captivated throughout the single. Bayless’ vocals offer a smooth line for you to follow and gives you the safety net you need to fall into the meaning of the track.

Find out more about Colossal Rex on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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