Colourshop – Northern Lights (2021)

Initially a collaboration between brothers Diego and Alfredo Salvati, Colourshop began sharing their unique Jason Mraz folk-rock sound with the masses in 2012. Adding an Italian flourish to their tracks, the lads built a reputation for charming and engaging music. Performing sold-out gigs across Europe and at various festivals, the brothers captured audiences and impressed numerous critics along the way. When Diego chose to relocate to Spain, UK-based Alfredo continued to perform as a one-man band playing shows across Europe and the US. While the brothers still collaborate on certain songs, it is Alfredo Salvati that holds the torch for Colourshop. His latest release is the single ‘Northern Lights’.

Following the soft acoustic-inspired folk tune ‘A Moment’, ‘Northern Lights’ has a more rock-influenced tinge to Colourshop’s typical folk sound. While ‘A Moment’ seemed to be a ballad written for a loved one, ‘Northern Lights’ adopts an individualistic concept exploring how people grow from change. Recorded and produced in Salvati’s home studio, the single has an intriguing melodic arrangement highlighting the beauty of acoustic guitars with tender, warm vocals. In fact, all of his music demonstrates that you do not need a bunch of electronic accompaniments to make something stunning.

The simplistic nature of ‘Northern Lights’ not only makes it easy on the ears but enhances the warmth of the melody. Steady, smooth and flowing instrumentation lends to a toe-tapping track using well-placed solos to ensnare your senses. Yet, while there is a comfort to the tender tune, the lyricism points out how spontaneous change can be thrilling – a serendipitous juxtaposition of melody and words. Colourshop explains that ‘Northern Lights’ is about a “sudden, impulsive decision to embark on an adventure”; however, he also points out that “new routes are sometimes more difficult to find”.

Filled with sincerity and genuineness, ‘Northern Lights’ captures the excitement of new journeys with the acknowledgement of challenges. It seems that one can enjoy the fun of adventure and dealing with the difficulties leads to growth, acceptance and empowerment, not problems. Colourshop explains that “sometimes you gotta be determined if you want to reach the result you want.”

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