ANIQO – Balance (2021)

With the aptly titled ‘Balance’, ANIQO brings light and dark, as well as turbulent emotions and calm to our ears. Moving in the space between opposing sides, the single considers physical and metaphorical equilibrium and how imbalance can shape our future. Touching on emotions and thoughts that arise within, she considers embracing our inner child, to let their light balance the darker thoughts and feelings that come as we grow older.

The single is one of the first she wrote under this musical moniker and sums up everything about her upcoming album. Having already collaborated with well-known industry professionals, she draws on the experiences to craft this track. Bringing her usual darker tones to dreamy flows, she moulds every sound into the perfect balance of elements.

The delicate tones of the piano opening pull you into ‘Balance’. This melodic line has you settling into the soundscape and fills your senses with light. The light tap of the cymbals adds to the lightness of the music, while the guitars push you forward down the melody. As more instrumentation is added to the melody, it evolves into a rich mixture of light and dark. The contrasting tones intertwine to form this perfect flow of sound, that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. You are swept up into the musical notes and never want to be let down as the music rises to a crescendo, which is matched by the soaring vocals.

As the music pulls you into the single, ANIQO’s vocals are intimate as they enter. It is like she is imparting wisdom in the dark and quiet hours of the night. There is a deep and important message in the lyrics that we should all be taking to heart. Through the lyrics, she highlights the turbulent emotions that rise within and threaten to overtake our cognitive functions. As you are buffeted by these emotions, her voice anchors you, and reaches out for the lighter feelings that temper the internal storm. As the music rises to the crescendo, her vocals soar on the currents of the notes and help you find the equilibrium we all need to face the world. It is a wonderful movement that coats your emotions in the balance of life and settles any turbulent feelings rolling in your soul.

ANIQO helps us find the balance between turbulent emotions and a brighter sense of peace through the rich and flowing movements of ‘Balance’. The music builds in richness as instrumentation makes its way into the soundscape, before rising for the beautiful crescendo. Her vocals are intimate and packed with wisdom that we should all be taking to heart.

Find out more about ANIQO on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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