Connie Eliza – Hard to Find (Plastic) (2021)

Connie Eliza is hitting listeners on two levels with his single ‘Hard to Find (Plastic)’. On the surface, the single is one about self-worth and realising that the love in a relationship is fake or plastic. When delving deeper, the track also represents the climate crisis and how we should be cherishing the planet instead of covering it in plastic.

The jazz-soul vocals that Eliza brings are wonderfully introduced in this debut single. Her passion for amazing harmonies and smooth tones are a wonder to listen to as she effortlessly draws you into the layered tale of the track. Drawing on the skills she has honed as a session musician, vocal arranger and tour hand, she carefully crafts her solo music.

‘Hard to Find (Plastic)’ has a delightful jazzy feeling to the melody that wraps around humming soul tones. It is a seductive movement that flows through you and pulls you into a velveteen hug. There is a rise and fall to the music that gets your head lightly bopping to the beat. The layers of the melody merge into a solid wave of sultry sound that enhances the vocals.

While the melody is a mixture of jazz and soul, Eliza’s vocals have a heavier hit of RnB. While blending genres, there is a wonderful feeling to her performance that draws you close. The lyrics have you sinking into the realisation that the fantastic partner you have is fake and that you need to move on from them. While the top layer of the melody is all an empowering song about leaving someone who doesn’t really care, there is a deeper undertone.

Connie Eliza introduces herself through ‘Hard to Find (Plastic)’ in a soulful wash of jazz, soul and RnB. The melody is rich and seductive as it wraps velveteen tendrils around you. This combines perfectly with her soulful vocals as she fills you with the strength to leave someone who doesn’t really care about you.

Find out more about Connie Eliza on her Instagram and Spotify.

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