Smoke Spider – You’re Wearing Me Out (2021)

Smoke Spider is sending listeners into a spiral of guitars and vocals with their single ‘You’re Wearing Me Out’. A rather addictive follow up to their debut single, it has you shimmying to the sound from start to finish. With a touch of retro vibes mixing with the best elements of the alternative rock, they will have you longing for more.

While this is only the second single from the band, Göran Florström and Johan Granat have two albums together behind their names. In the early 90s, the duo released these albums as the band Cloud Catchers. Now, they are back with the aim of releasing a single every two months and hooked a whole new generation of listeners to their sound.

‘You’re Wearing Me Out’ hooks its talons into your brain and leads you into the spiral of guitars. There is a slightly retro one to the opening guitars that make you think of lights whipping past you too fast for you to focus on them. The beats get your foot tapping while the cymbals have your shoulders jumping to them. There is a full-on energy to the music that has you bopping without a moment’s rest. You can’t really help but get caught up in the movement of the music and the energy that shines through each note.

The vocals continue the light retro vibes while pulling you into the story of the lyrics. The lyrics bring a feeling of realisation as you are hit with the understanding that being in a relationship with someone is wearing you down. The chorus is really catchy and takes everything to a new level. You are also going to find yourself singing along to the chorus. There is a layering to the vocals that create an almost stadium feeling like a crowd of people are singing along which is fantastic.

Smoke Spider have you singing along and riding waves of realisation through the infectious tones of ‘You’re Wearing Me Out’. The music sinks its hooks into you and will not stop pumping energy into your veins. The vocals are as addictive as the music and have you singing along to the chorus.

Find out more about Smoke Spider on their Instagram and Spotify.

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