Elektric Animals – Woe Is Me (2021)

There are a lot of people who struggle with feelings of self-deprecation. If you are looking for a song that touches on these struggles and offers you the boost you need to get through them, ‘Woe is Me’ by Elektric Animals is what you are looking for. With a smooth alternative rock sound, the band touches on the negative feeling that leads to self-deprecating thoughts while bolstering your strength to fight them.

This look into these struggles comes from Nick Sanders (vocals), Oscar Jara (guitar), Jerrid Can Scoy (bass), Eric Everhart (drums) and Will Hubert (keys). Formed in 2018, the band has had their music placed in Season 4 of The Good Doctor and in the series finale of Shameless on Showtime. With a burst of sound, they connect with your negative emotions while helping you plough through them.

‘Woe Is Me’ stamps and slaps to life before hitting you with a deep guitar line that thrums through your chest. There is a delightful mixture of these deep guitars and twinkling keys. The dark thrumming guitar is like the dark thoughts that creep into your brain when you are at your lowest. The higher keyboard notes are a delightful contrast that are the light thoughts that burst through the darkness. You can’t help but get a little hooked to the melody as it pulses through you in the best possible way.

While you are getting lost in the melody, Sanders’ vocals growl against your ears. There is this wonderful scratch to his voice that complements the smooth delivery. He is able to fill each word of the track with emotion from a feeling of self-pity to self-deprecation and an understanding that you need to push through. Through his performance, you are able to indulge in a moment of woe before you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and use the power of the music to push forward.

Elektric Animals get you hooked to their music while giving you a moment of woe before powering forward in ‘Woe is Me’. With a melody that does not stop for a second, they thrust you forward in the vocals. The emotive performance as you riding waves of self-pity and self-deprecation before getting the strength to move past these feelings.

Find out more about Elektric Animals on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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