Conrad Deadly – Cults (2020)

Conrad Deadly made an impression with his first release ‘Sally Lives In My Girls Yard’. His second release ‘Cults’ continues the strong Britpop roots with a rock twist. Conrad Leadley has played with bands across the world and is hitting his stride with his solo career as Conrad Deadly.

While his debut and ‘Cults’ kind of come as a pair, they do leave you wondering what more to expect. The softer sound of the first track contrasts with the rockier tone of the second. Produced by Dan White and featuring George Le Page on the drums, ‘Cults’ makes an interesting track that keeps you hooked.

The song starts strong with solid guitar and drums before introducing Deadly’s distinct voice. The transition in the song to a softer tone drives the lyrics and melody home. The track picks up again to keep you energised and invested in the story.

The lyrics themselves are very interesting and make you think about the world around you. The track comes after one of Deadly’s friends was almost taken in by a cult and the realisation that followed. This epiphany was the fact that the world is full of cults and the song really opens your eyes to this.

‘Cult’ is full of rhythms that make you want to move to the beat while opening your mind to what is around you. The transitions between faster and slower tones showcase Conrad Deadly’s musical abilities. The lyrics are not only catchy but carry a deeper meaning about the world we live in and the cults that govern our existence. With two fairly different tracks already out, it will be interesting to see what more he has in store for us.

Find out more about Conrad Deadly on his Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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