Constant Coogan – You’re Not The First (2016)

“This song is dedicated to those that came before us. We wanted it to have the feel of opening an old photo album, looking into the eyes of someone you loved and immediately feeling better. Sometimes, this world can seem so impossibly overwhelming; but almost every problem you are facing has already been solved by someone before you. It helps remind us that this too shall pass.” – Constant Coogan

This is the way that Constant Coogan described their new single, ‘You’re Not The First.’ The song begins with instrumentals building up the beat to prepare the audience for the vocals that are to follow. The meaningful lyrics are sung by a raw voice that hasn’t been auto-tuned or changed. This creates a closeness to the listeners as she is laying herself on the table. She is showing the world what she has to offer and isn’t afraid if they see her vulnerability. The song builds at the end and goes into a solo that just tops off the track. 

Alternative rock band, Constant Coogan showed that you are not alone and you can get through any problem. They delivered this message as though they were a friend and they know exactly what it is you are going through. You are not the first and you won’t be the last. ‘You’re Not The First’ also discusses the fact that there are people who can help you. In a way, this song can be seen as a cry for help for those who feel like they have no way out of a situation.

Constant Coogan is saying that you shouldn’t just end everything, you shouldn’t give up. You can get through this and there are people that can help you. I really enjoyed the instrumentals and vocals of ‘You’re Not The First’ and if this is anything to go by I am eager to see their work on the upcoming EP Bury Me Alive. Bury Me Alive will be released on July 1, 2016.


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