Craig Gould – Burned (2022)

Craig Gould balanced beauty and heartbreak in ‘Captain of the Seas’ after merging modern and traditional folk in ‘Ain’t No Place to Hide’. While keeping with his storytelling style, his single ‘Burned’ is a summer anthem that has you shouting out with him. A two-sided tale of a drunken Friday night out on the town, the single is raucous, energetic and packed with so much enjoyment.

Thumping bass lines are ridden by acoustic and electric guitars that have you pulling up a chair and pouring yourself a drink with friends. Joining Gould on this drinking anthem are T-Bird Jones (drums), Jez Jordan (upright bass), Chris Baldwin (backing vocals), Jackson Lake (backing vocals) and Sonny Bruce Gould. All the profits from this single are being donated to CALM, Campaign Against Living Miserably.

The light folky guitar that opens ‘Burned’ gives you a slightly false sense of the single. This is turned on its head when the thumping bass enters that vibrates through your body. The jangle of the guitars combines with the beats making you want to clap along as you take a long drink of a cool drink. The melody forms the perfect platform for the folk-country drinking anthem of the vocals. Halfway through the single, the melody does drop and takes a completely different route. There is a tenderness to the melody at this point that mimics the late-night vibe of a bar just before closing. The stomping beats that follow this section have you stomping along before getting up and dancing to the rhythm. As the single comes to an end, the melody has you dancing around before twanging to a wonderful end and the last word of the track provided by Sonny Bruce Gould.

While you clap and stomp to the melody, Gould’s storytelling folk vocals really shine through the single. The lyrics play out in your brain like a movie as you are drawn into a Friday night on the town after a long day of work. There are two sides to the tale of the night out which have been wonderfully woven together into an engaging story. Through the verses, you are knocking back drinks with the characters of the tale before the melody swings and you hit a more melancholic edge. This all slides away for the last section of the single where the infectious tones make a comeback. The chorus is super catchy and you are going to be singing along before the song is over.

Craig Gould has you stomping your feet, swaying in your seat and singing along to his summer drinking anthem ‘Burned’. Continuing his amazing ability to tell engaging stories, the single takes you on a Friday night out. Through the music and vocals, he has you knocking back drinks with the characters, dancing to their antics and wallowing morosely before picking yourself up and dancing again.

Find out more about Craig Gould on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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