Contact Light – Glitter (2021)

They say that the best connections are made at parties or through friends – at least, I think there is a saying like that. Even if there isn’t, the fact that the US-based trio Contact Light formed with members who met through friends of friends is evident of its truth. After several line-up changes, Joey Lantonio (vocals and rhythm guitar), Tyler Deal (lead guitar) and Steven Hoehl (drums) have come together to create a hard-hitting and unforgettable sound. Not much can be found review-wise on the band having released only two singles thus far, but I’m sure people will start praising them once critics catch on. The latest addition to the yet to be well-received repertoire is ‘Glitter’.

Influenced by the likes of Waterparks, All Time Low and Twenty One Pilots, Contact Light adopts a strong pop-rock/indie-pop sound in their music. Following their single ‘Paint’, ‘Glitter’ oozes a contemporary indie-pop vibe with their kaleidoscopic soundscape. Yes, it’s true that there is a soothing, harmonic melody making ‘Glitter’ easy to listen to; however, mild rock undertones can be identified with pounding drums and dynamic guitars. The dip into a guitar solo makes for a welcome breath of air in the track before an intricate vocal arrangement brings together layers of vocals enhancing the sense of inner conflict.

In some cases, one would assume that the bright and upbeat single has an optimistic message; however, many pop-rock tracks find a juxtaposition between toe-tapping melodies and poignant lyricism. This deep and intimate connection is evident in Contact Light’s ‘Glitter’. While charming with heartfelt tenderness, the infectious single touches on self-doubt, anxiety, frustration and isolation. The odd thing is there is another element to this sincere track and that is the message of self-empowerment. It is as if we are placed in a bubble of discontent but with a gossamer blanket of hopefulness wrapped delicately around it.

Bold, vivacious and intoxicating, Contact Light has turned my head with their single ‘Glitter’. A fan of this type of music, I was sure to enjoy Contact Light, but I am amazed at how much I love their work. I cannot wait to hear their upcoming album Disconnect.

For more from Contact Light check out their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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