Daverage J. Normal ft Dave Kirk – Decompression (2021)

Daverage J. Normal is veering off into the world of chillwave with the aid of Dave Kirk with his latest single ‘Decompression’. Not only is this a musical diversion, but the single is also his first track to include vocals. This new turn has us drifting on the pastel colours of the electronic tones while feeling the tugs of nostalgia tickling the back of our brains.

As we ride through the soundscape, the music and vocals have us drifting on the chilled and slightly psychedelic vibes. This wonderful blend of sound and colour comes from two artists who are usually seen on stage together as part of the grunge band Empty Friend. Now, they have ditched the guitars, stepped into Normal’s electronic vibe and are taking us along for the ride.

‘Decompression’ pulls you into the electronic soundscape from the first vibrating tone. There is a softness to the opening line that drops for the deep vibrations for the low synths. The layering of the electronic lines is wonderful as it has you floating in the colourful soundscape while still moving forward through the single. As you float on the synths, you can feel their chilled energy as they chase all your troubles away. As the ingle progresses, the clear forward movement provided by the beats leaves for a more uncertain journey. At this point, the synths try to gain your attention while reaching out in various directions.

While the electronic tones of the melody give you a lot of direction through the soundscape, the vocals offer a sense of focus. The lyrics have you grabbing onto a moment and immersing yourself in it while leaving the world behind. The vocals are plush as they bring the sprinkling of nostalgia to the single. There is a wonderful softness that their organic flow brings to the wonderful electronic melody. The merger of these two elements elevates the emotions and chilled vibes of the track in the best possible way. When the melody changes, the vocals remain a constant while moving a memory into a kaleidoscope of colours.

Daverage J. Normal and Dave Kirk get you floating on waves of synths while chilling to the nostalgia-tinged vocals in the soft ‘Decompression’. The title is really apt for this single as it lifts pressures from your shoulders and helps you relax into your memories. As the vocals and melody merge, they draw you into the soft pastel colours of the track.

Find out more about Daverage J. Normal on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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