Phil Dutra – It’s Not Enough (Falling For Your Love) (2021)

Any good relationship is a balance of give and take, but this is not something that every relationship is able to achieve. There are times when you give more than you get in a relationship and that has been picked up by Phil Dutra in ‘It’s Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)’. Bringing feelings of underappreciation, the single fills you with the longing to be with someone you care about and the knowledge that it is not working out.

The tempered emotions of knowing you need to let go and not being ready fill this track and shine through the retro pop tones. Another step in a long musical career, this single sees Dutra combining elements of country, indie pop, retro pop and more. With a plan to release more music, this is a single that will get you really interested in his music and potentially wanting to own it.

‘It’s Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)’ sweeps into your senses with the strum of a guitar. The melody has a distinct country vibe to it, but this has been wonderfully balanced with some classic rock. The guitars bring the heat of the desert to your senses while the rock edge gets your foot tapping to the rhythm. There is a delightful forward movement to the melody that draws you down the soundscape. The call of the guitars that mournfully cry out at times is beautiful as they add a burst of emotion to the music.

While the melody definitely has you moving down the soundscape, the vocals are what really bring the emotions to the story. Dutra’s vocals have this earthy feeling that is enhanced by the country vibe of the music. As his voice wraps around you, he reaches into your chest and tugs at our heart with the emotive power of his performance. While powerful, there is a sad balance to the emotions he infuses into the words as he yearns for more in a relationship while feeling the creeping pain of being underappreciated in the relationship. You can hear that he knows that the situation is now what it should be but you can also tell that he is not yet ready to let go.

Phil Dutra tugs at your heart with a pained realisation and the understanding that he is not ready to act on it in ‘It’s Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)’. The music is a wonderful combination of country and rock that sweeps through you. His vocals are what really give the single its emotive power as he fills his performance with yearning and pain.

If Phil Dutra was able to tug at your heart and fill you with emotion, you can purchase the single in an instant!

Find out more about Phil Dutra on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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