Corinna Jane – Give Me A Sign (2020)

With the haunting beauty of Corinna Jane’s EP Songs For My Mother still echoing in our minds, the songstress is back with hope in the darkness. Her latest single ‘Give Me A Sign’ draws on the loss of her mother which inspired her last EP. Through the single, she works through the numbness and shock of loss. She also touches on the disconnection many people feel and how her experience of grief seemed to be different.

The cathartic lyricism of the single acts a stream of thought instead of a poetic look at grief. The search for something to feel and connect with is threaded into each note and fills you with hope as you listen.

‘Give Me A Sign’ opens with a dramatic piano line before Jane’s vocals power through. There is a sense of sadness and darkness resting in the lower levels of the melody. There is a swing to a more pounding melody that pumps hope into your veins. The flow of the melody takes you through emotional dips which is a perfect representation of grief. The upswing for the chorus boosts the imploring vocals and the search of something to feel.

Jane’s vocals are powerful as she moves through quiet grief to explosive pleading. Her vocal ability really blows you away on this single as she fills you with every emotion she goes through for an expressive journey. The lyrics have a relatable vibe about them because they are an expression of thoughts as they flow through your brain. If you were not already in love with her sound, this song will carve out a special place in your heart for her.

‘Give Me A Sign’ by Corinna Jane is not your typical grief song as she uses a thread of consciousness to offer hope after loss. Her performance is powerful while the melody bolsters the emotions she invokes.

Find out more about Corinna Jane on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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