Nick Kingswell – There’s No Cure (2020)

Nick Kingswell is an unsigned house artist from Philip Island, Australia, currently living in London, UK. He writes and produces his music from his own home. One of the latest additions to his discography is the album Brontide. We are going to review one of our favourites from the album, ‘There’s No Cure’.

‘There’s No Cure’ starts with gentle guitar and drum beat; it’s got a very slow and soft sound. Then, Kingswell’s vocals kick in and are great. He sings in a very soft and calm voice about time and how he can’t disagree with it. He sings about love and how it’s causing him pain, but he doesn’t want to lose his faith in love; he keeps wondering if he still crosses his loved one’s mind. It’s a sad and heartfelt love song that hits you right in the feels.

Side note: ‘There’s No Cure’ is available on YouTube along with other singles from the Brontide album.

For more from Nick Kingswell check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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