Anthony Casuccio – Emotional Lockdown (2021)

While the pandemic hit everyone across the globe, we all found different ways to cope with the isolation that the lockdowns brought. For Anthony Casuccio, music was his outlet as he composed over a dozen songs during the pandemic leading to his EP Emotional Lockdown. His first solo effort in over 20 years, the tracks of the EP are a bright way to get rid of the negative emotions that the last two years have brought.

Using some of the more radio-friendly songs he created, he brought in his favourite vocalist to shape them into what we hear today. While a guitarist by trade, Casuccio takes a more pop turn with this EP adding a flourish of rock guitars for a dynamic sound. Drawing on his years as a music veteran, he brings the best elements of different sounds together and adds featured vocals that take his songs to a new level.

The EP starts with the aptly titled ‘Intro’ which is a short track of less than a minute. The track vibrates through your senses and leads you on a pulse retro journey. There is a touch of video game music to the sound as it builds before exploding and dissipating into the ether. While really short, the track is a great way to open the EP while grabbing your attention. The drop of sound perfectly leads you into the next track.

‘My Destiny’ hits you with some serious disco vibes from the first moment that fills your mind with glitter balls and spinning dance moves. There is a really heavy hit of retro tones in this track but there is something fresh about it that creates a unique edge. At times, there is a more EDM edge to the lower levels of the track but this only enhances the movement. The vocals continue to retro vibes of the music and take your mind back to the days of disco as they pulse with a brilliant light. Every element of the track comes together to get you moving and dancing like no one is watching. It is a really freeing track that lifts your spirits which is something many of us need right now.

The energy of the EP continues with ‘Not Alone’ but this track has a different feeling compared to the last. While the electronic edge remains, the retro vibes are dropped by a more electronic pop or vocal dance vibe. The keyboard tones add a new dimension to the track while the male vocals burst with energy. The lyrics are worth a good listen to as they tackle a lot of issues we have all gone through in the pandemic. The feeling that we are all alone is picked up while dissatisfaction with the powers that be are woven in. While there is a negative edge to the track, the chorus brings a sense of resilience and strength that is wonderful. The guitars that pull you into a dance in the latter moments of the track are absolute perfection.

‘I Sing to You’ sweeps you up and drops you into the heart of the beats. The pounding and pulsing tones of the music have you dancing to their rhythm without realising what has happened. There is a real modern dance feeling to this track, but there are some retro tones that sneak their way into your senses. The vocals are like neon lights dancing through the high levels of the track. They catch your eye and waver over you just out of reach but sprinkle their energy over your skin where it sinks in and fills you with their glittering light.

The more organic feeling to the opening of ‘Love is the Answer’ brings a new vibe to the EP and adds power to the song. The lyrics are fairly heavy as they consider the apathy of the world and how no one seems to care for others. As the beats pulse from the lower levels they bounce you toward the chorus that calls for us to all stand up and shine the light of love on those around us. The darkness of the opening verse is sent running through the light of the chorus. This is a rather moving track that has you wanting to be better and do more for those around you so that you don’t fall into the apathetic masses.

‘I Am Drowning’ has a really modern almost industrial edge to the opening that moves into a sweeping electronic tone. The industrial tones move into an almost spacy vibe that is very soft. This gives the vocals a chance to cut in and perfectly describe a moment that most people can imagine. There is a pleading feeling to the vocals as they call out to someone to help them. The bouncing beats are a little at odds with the vocals and lyrics but there is something in the low levels that perfectly blend with the depressing emotions of the track.

The EP comes to an end with ‘I Am Free’ which pushes against your ears from the first moment. You are forced to pay attention to the track through the insistence of the beats that start to run and get your heart racing. There is a rather frantic energy to the beats of this track that make you want to go a little crazy while the higher electronic tones wind their lazy way through the soundscape. It is a great contrast that merges into a movement that works so well. The vocals are sparse but when they come through they add a sense of power to the emotions being brought up by the energy of the track.

Anthony Casuccio has you bounding through the tracks of Emotional Lockdown as you move from retro disco tones to heart-racing dance vibes. Each track has a completely different edge while bringing a sense of release. The electronic tones pull up the emotions of the tracks that range from apathy and despair to affection and escapism.

Find out more about Anthony Casuccio on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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