Cousins Gibb – Coming Home (2021)

Cousins Gibb are following up their debut single with the warm and fuzzy tones of ‘Coming Home’. Packed with good vibes, this love song brings a touch of nostalgia to the warmth of being with someone that you care about. The duo’s first original single, it brings their unique sounds together for a comforting and intimate sound.

The duo is made up of cousins Nick Endacott-Gibb and Debora McLane. They have both been in the music industry for years but only joined forces after Endacott-Gibb found out he was the son of Maurice Gibb (BEE GEES), McLane’s uncle. Through this musical project, they bring the skills and sounds they have honed over the years together for something delightfully new.

‘Coming Home’ trills with a tin whistle that brings the image of snowy mornings with the sun glinting off the snow. The shuffling beats meet the acoustic guitar for a gentle sway that fills you with positive vibes. You can’t listen to this melody and not feel a wash of warm emotion and fuzzy comfort. The warmth of the sound radiates from your chest and travels through your limbs trailing pure happiness through you. The rich movement of the music is so comforting and puts a little smile on your face. The swings of tin whistle, guitar and shuffling drums are perfect as they enhance the emotions of the track.

Against the snowy morning melody, Endacott-Gibb’s vocals bring a tender touch of folk. Through his performance, he brings the warmth that comes when you think of someone you love while you are away from them. McLane enters later for the second verse offering the second side of the story. Her performance has a slightly whimsical feeling while catching the threads of warmth Endacott-Gibb released into the soundscape. When they come together, you are filled with happiness and warmth that sighs through your heart leaving you feeling so good.

Cousins Gibb fills you with the warmth of thinking of someone you love and the knowledge that you are going to see them soon in ‘Coming Home’. The melody is packed with gentle tones that bring a snowy morning to your ears. The duet vocals are tender and touching while fanning the warm embers of affection.

Find out more about Cousins Gibb on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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