Coral Theory – No Easy Way This Can Go (2022)

Coral Theory brings the final stages of a relationship to our ears with their single ‘No Easy Way This Can Go’. Through the psychedelic rock tones of the single, he considers the realisation that the people in the relationship are doing more harm than good to each other. While pulling away is the best option, the pain that comes with this tinges the soundscape and is tempered by the knowledge that this is for the best.

As the debut single for this musical project, Thomas Roche, the man behind the music, brings the touch of psychedelia to his unique sound. The music for this project looks at making the best of your mistakes and moving forward with life. While working on this project, Roche also spent his time drumming, producing and managing the dreamy band, Memory Motel.

‘No Easy Way This Can Go’ opens with a deep beat and undulating dreamy tones that warble above them. There is a heavy hit of psychedelia to the music that makes you want to close your eyes and ride the acid trip of the melody. The guitars soar out into the distance, leaving streaks of light in the wake, while the beats roll and dance across your senses. There is a feeling of escapism woven into the single that wonderfully takes you away from the rushed pace of the world. The rather freeing feeling of the music has your chest bursting with helium and happiness.

The psychedelic vibes of the music slide into the vocals that slip and slide through your senses, like water slipping through your fingers. It is a wonderful delivery that leaves the glittering lights of psychedelic rock on your skin. As you float through the soundscape, the lyrics bring the story of the end of a relationship to life. Coral Theory touches on the sadness of realising that the relationship is coming to an end, but the resolve to end things is strengthened by the knowledge that this is the right thing to do. The overall dreaminess of the single also softens the painful blows of the story, while capturing the freeing feeling that comes with making hard decisions.

Coral Theory has you floating on waves of psychedelic sounds leaving glitter in your wake while considering the end of a relationship in ‘No Easy Way This Can Go’. The music is packed with psychedelic flows that undulate their way into your sense. The vocals continue the dreaminess of the music which softens the emotional hits.

Find out more about Coral Theory on his Instagram and Spotify.

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