Couvo – Horses & Divorces (2022)

If you are in the mood for a raucous party where you drink to forget your problems, Couvo has the soundtrack for your mood. ‘Horses & Divorces’, named after a local dive bar in Brooklyn, tells the story of getting fired and spending the afternoon drinking away your troubles. Bringing some old-school rock to an energetic blast of indie-punk, the single fills your veins with rowdy energy as it takes you away from the problems you face in real life.

As part of his latest album, The Drinks are Always Free in Purgatory, Couvo sets the sound and some serious expectations. Woven into the engaging sound of raucous bars, the question of whether anything will change resounds through this song and the entire album. While he offers no answers, we all have a great time listening to the question and contemplating the lives he details in his music.

‘Horses & Divorces’ rises in volume through the opening like you are hearing the noise of a bar through the door before stepping in. The burst of guitars and drums have you jumping around to the rhythm or, at the very least, tapping your feet to the beat. The initial burst of energy slides into a more melodic slide before returning for the chorus. There is a great indie-punk sound to the music that merges with the sprinkling of melancholy woven into the lower depths of the track. There is a really addictive movement to the music that sweeps through you and makes you want to turn up the volume. Later in the track, the music drops for a gentle flow before exploding into the paced chorus.

Couvo’s vocals burst through the doors of the soundscape at the same time as the guitars. The first verse lays the scene with a firing and the worry about what the future will hold. There is a sadness to the situation but this is wonderfully contrasted by an easy acceptance of the situation. The chorus is an energetic blast of rejection and a lack of money. As the single progresses, you are further drawn into the bar, drinking away problems while coming to the realisation that things are not that bad. Through all of this, the vocals enhance the engaging tone of the melody captivating your sense and getting you thoroughly hooked to the single’s sound.

Couvo has you jumping around to the rowdy tones of ‘Horses & Divorces’ as you sink into being fired, rejection and comfort. The melody has an energetic burst while touching on the melancholy of the lyrics. The vocals burst into the single while setting the scene and emotions of the track.

Find out more about Couvo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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