Sub Cultures – Enjoy Yourself (2020)

Bringing together their different cultural and musical influences, Sub Cultures is a sonic representation of individuality and eclecticism. Hailing from South Wales, Gloucester and The Forest of Dean, the UK-based foursome are relatively new in their scene having formed only one year ago; well, it’s actually 11 months, but who’s counting? Despite their new band status, Kane Radnor (vocals and guitar), Lewis Perks (lead guitar), Charlie Foster (bass) and Eric Karvic (drums) have performed across the UK supporting artists like Violet and Cat Bamboo. The third single to their repertoire is ‘Enjoy Yourself’.

An endearing single with a sense of sentimentality wrapped up in youthful sensationalism, ‘Enjoy Yourself’ lies between infectious lightheartedness and heart-rendering melancholy. A guitar-driven track, Radnor showcases his natural talent with catchy riffs and powerful solos. Yes, the track is melodic, but it is the juxtaposition of poignant lyricism atop serene instrumentation that captures the soul. Not only that, the slow instrumental opening (lasting almost a minute) is met with brusque vocals and an abrupt end. I think it is this innovativeness and flexibility that really captured my attention.

Despite having released only three singles, it is clear that Sub Cultures are honing a distinctive sound. Following the well-received preceding singles ‘Far Behind’ and ‘Alone’, ‘Enjoy Yourself’ showcases the lads’ evolution as a versatile group. Despite 2020 being highly uncertain, this single is certainly one of my favourites from a “need to watch” indie-rock band.

For more from Sub Cultures check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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