Alexander Joseph – Firefly (2022)

Alexander Joseph has been providing emotional boosts and spirited upliftment since we heard his EP Broken But Beautiful and the equally positive ‘Make a Stand’. With his new single ‘Firefly’, he is teaming up with Rokuro for further upliftment to a dancing beat. Packed with catchy guitar riffs, a beat that drives through your sense and shining vocals, he helps us see the light in unending darkness.

If the current situation of the world is getting you down or you feel like the pressures of life are becoming too much, this might be the single that offers you a helping hand. Atmospheric yet extremely danceable, the single is a burning flame that lights the way through the darkness of life. Joseph’s passion for uplifting songs meets the remix beats of Rokuro for a song that vibrates its message into your soul.

‘Firefly’ gets you bopping to the beat from the first moment. The sway and bounce of the beats meet a glittering lighter tone that sparkles in the higher levels like fireflies. The interplay between the higher electronic tones and beats creates a nighttime scene with glittering lights coming and going throughout the soundscape. This offers a sonic representation of the message of the single as you walk through darkness to find the light of the higher tones. While there is a touch of night to the melody, it is not oppressive allowing the lights to glow and call you to them.

As you move toward the light of the music, Joseph’s vocals call out to you. There is a light echo to his performance that lays out the path for you to follow down the soundscape. His voice has the ability to lift your spirits and reduce any darkness resting on you. As the melody bounces against your senses, the lyrics embrace the people who light our lives and make the darkness easier to handle. The good vibes in his vocal performance enhance the light of the single while getting you thinking about the people in your life who make everything better.

Alexander Joseph teams up with Rokuro to bring a gentle light to your life while suppressing the darkness around us in ‘Firefly’. The melody creates a sonic representation of the light shining through the darkness. Joseph’s vocals call out to you and lead you further to the light while making you think about the people who light up your life.

Find out more about Alexander Joseph on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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