Craig Gould – Ain’t No Place To Hide (2021)

Bringing together the sounds of John Denver and Fleetwood Mac, Craig Gould adds a 21st-century flair to country music. Nodding to folk with twinges of Americana, singer-songwriter Gould is unique, slightly obscure and genuine in his engaging songs. Having performed on notable stages like Islington Academy, Birmingham Symphony Hall and Timber Festival, Gould has a memorable presence described by Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) as “…one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard live.” We review Gould’s debut single ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’.

Working in collaboration with Anna Corcoran on piano, Gould’s ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’ has a toe-tapping melody with acoustic instrumentation. Charming and grin-inducing, the single showcases Gould’s jovial side; however, there is a much deeper message within ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’. Using a bouncy track, the UK-based musician delves into a provocative look at mental health issues and experiences. It is this happy tune coupled with severe lyricism that makes the single rather innovative.

Taken from Gould’s upcoming album Ain’t No Place To Hide, a project aimed at understanding mental health illness, ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’ is telling us to “educate your mind..” instead of ignoring the issue. I find the inclusion of a finger-picking guitar solo endearing as it acts not only as a sliver of creativity but also “taking a moment for myself” in the thought-provoking soundscape.

While there is a melancholic feel to the lyricism, the overall vibe of this single is one of empowerment after learning more about mental health problems. Gould shares in the final lines of ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’ that “…it goes on and on” but “love is all you need”. Ain’t that the truth.

For more from Craig Gould check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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