Church, Honey – I’d Go Blind (2021)

Through the rollercoaster of ‘Pity Sex’, Church, Honey led us to the emotional tale of ‘Church’. While you might be bracing for some more emotional hits, the band is offering something a little softer with ‘I’d Go Blind’. A single in two parts, the track is packed with lighter tones and lets you down with a bright feeling in your chest.

The first part of the single dives into a reflective tone as the band looks at the search for love that we are all familiar with. This turns into the bliss and happiness that comes with finding the person who completes you and allows you to pack away the past to move on to better things. With the help of their friend Snowy (lead guitar) and local artists Samantha Durnan, Louise Radford, Feeka, Eric Walker and Leddie MC, they fill you with good vibes.

The lively strummed guitar that ‘I’d Go Blind’ has your head bopping to the rhythm before the drums get your feet tapping. There is a bright feeling to the melody that fills your senses with light and a sense of hope. Each instrument adds to the brightness of the melody and puts a smile on your face. As you listen, you are filled with the understanding that everything is going to be okay and that you will be happy in the future. There is a delightful warmth to the music that sinks into your skin and heats you from the inside.

As you are filled with the brightness of the melody, the vocals bring a country-folk feeling to the track. The lyrics dip into thoughts of what it will be like when you find the person who loves you unconditionally. It is such a hopeful flow that you can’t help but feel happy as you think about the possibilities. The transition between the parts of the track is beautiful as it lets you know that you can lose yourself but if you don’t lose hope, things will be okay. The second part of the track lifts your spirits and has you riding the waves of blissful happiness. The chorus at the end of the track is a wonderful blend of voices that adds a little something to the feeling of the track.

Church, Honey has you floating on clouds of bliss and smiling as the happy vibes that fill the vibrant tones of ‘I’d Go Blind’. The single is vibrant in its happiness and fills your sense with positivity, hope and love. As the vocals move from searching to finding love, the track rises on the warm air of happiness which is just what we all need.

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