Rubber – Fries & Wings (2022)

With their single ‘Fries & Wings’, Rubber is taking some old-school RnB vibes and transforming them into a modern groovy club anthem. Packed with complex lines and catchy chords, the single has a flare of something unique that lifts your spirit like a moment of clarity on a night out. Rich and warm, yet driving and moving, the single captures the energy of a night out and that single moment on a dance floor where you are completely at home in the chaos that surrounds you.

With this track, the band continues their musical balancing act as they fuse dynamic pop with anthemic beats and the smoothness of RnB. Andrew Loper and John Fella Franco are the duo behind the sound and artfully combine vocal acrobatics with driving grooves. If the single on its own is not enough to transport you into the world of their sound, the accompanying music video just might.

‘Fries & Wings’ shimmers to life with a sparkling cascade of tones that leads you into the richness of RnB. The simple chords that fill the low level of the opening create the base of the richness that is driven forward by the drum machine pattern. Adding a delightful bounce to the beat is a heavy bassline that takes the catchiness of the melody to another level. Those sparkling tones that cascade down the soundscape make an appearance throughout the single adding a great texture to the track. While there are these distinct lines of sound in the melody, they come together for a really smooth and warm movement that you slide along.

The rich warmth of the melody is enhanced by Loper’s complex vocal performance. He draws you into his performance with a smooth vocalisation that touches on some contemporary soul and retro RnB. As the main lyrical line hits, he has your shoulders bouncing to his performance while your brain is sent to a dark club. Through his performance, you are dropped into the crush of bodies on a night out with the chorus offering that moment of clear enjoyment and happiness that comes at some point in the night. It is a really easy performance to listen to that settles perfectly on your skin.

Rubber transports you into a dark club for a smooth RnB moment of clarity and enjoyment that sparkles through your brain in ‘Fries & Wings’. The melody uses distinct melodic lines that come together for a rich and warm movement. The vocals drop you into the crush of bodies at a club while lifting your spirit on the wings of pure enjoyment.

Find out more about Rubber on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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